So I get to add another disorder to the list of things wrong with me. Misophonia is apparently a neurological disorder that means a person displays an abnormal level of annoyance or even anger at specific sounds made by other people, in my case hearing people chew or breathe.

Seriously, this is a real disorder! When I was a kid, I would have to restrain myself from bursting out in anger at the dinner table from being able to hear my step dad chewing. I also had to stop watching the Sopranos in season 2 because James Gandolfini would breath through his nose so loudly I would want to throw my remote at the television and scream things like “Just get a breathe right strip!” I had to miss the rest of an insanely popular series due to a deviated septum.

So it seems I collect neurological disorders like other people collect comic books, or ceramic ducks. I was also told now that I am no longer allowed to look at the internet before I “decide I have another disease.” But I don’t think the internet caused my disorder. I wonder if thee is a disease involving looking up disorders on the internet. Maybe WebM.D.itis, or Wikipox.


One thought on “Misophonia

  1. Uh…is this really for reals? (Yes, I COULD Google it…or I could just fact check through you…which doesn’t actually make any sense)
    Because if it is, I think I’ve got a mild case of this disorder. Mine is only aimed at men. Usually doctors and men I liked but then grew to hate. Wait. That might be another disorder in itself.

    Also, I’m fairly sure a good part of the first world suffers from WebM.D.isorder and it’s catching.

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