So people always tell me how important it is to have goals and junk so I have made one for myself. Since I know me, and am well aware that I cannot be trusted, I am going to do this on my blog, so at least when I give up, there will be a record of exactly why I had a perfectly good reason, and it wasn’t my fault.

So now I set for myself the lofty goal of losing 20 pounds, because I am a pig, and I hate myself. This will likely fail by this afternoon when I come home from work and think “I am too tired for this shit, I can’t cook, where is the menu for that delivers to my house?” So that is the goal. I know nobody wants to read about this, but it is best to have a running record when you set goals, just so you know exactly where it all fell apart. So… 20 pounds. I can do this.

Shit. I want a breakfast taco.


2 thoughts on “Goals

  1. You can so totally do it. Don’t go all crazy, just move a little more and eat a little less. And for heaven’s sake do NOT make anything off-limits or you will end up eating an entire platter of the stuff.

    As in, “I can’t eat cake”, said right before you eat two. By yourself.

    May I suggest walking…and then maybe adding a little jogging? It’s quite addictive. You could even think about a triathlon. Those are a blast!

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