For all the MST3K junkies

I am a huge Mystery Science theater junkie. I have been since high school, and it wasn’t an easy thing to pull off. We didn’t have cable at our house because being poor and living in the rural Texas Hill Country we were forced to do things like find our own entertainment.

Still, I somehow managed to convince my friend, Pat, who was neither poor or lived in the middle of nowhere to record the episodes for me as they would air. This is because I can only assume that in the 90’s, having money and living in a major metropolitan area meant you could sit in the house and do nothing all day. So I would eagerly await the weekend when I went to work in the city at the theme park I where I worked with Pat. He would pass me hand labeled VHS tapes of mystery science goodness. It also helped with the sad and depressed nights I would spend weeping alone due to the outfit I had to wear at said job. I’m sure you can understand if you just look at what they made me wear.

Sadly, I got more dates wearing this than at any other point in my life.

But all of that is in the past. I can now watch all the MST3K I want, and now thanks to the internet and  on youtube, it comes in bite sized pieces. I could do without the background music, but this is still a great video.


3 thoughts on “For all the MST3K junkies

  1. It’s because you can’t see how good my legs looked in those shorts. Did I mention those were shorts? Those were shorts… with knee socks and black L.A. Gear high tops. This should explain a few things about my damaged psychological state.

  2. It’s a really good thing Cougars weren’t around back then because you totally would have been kidnapped and forced into a Cougar sex den. That totally would have happened to you.
    And my favorite MST3K line is something along the lines of, “Office temps gone wild” during a scene from I don’t even remember what where the secretaries are dancing on the desks. To this day, that cracks me up. I don’t even know why.

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