Confessing 10 (no longer) private things I do on a regular basis…

If there is one thing I have learned recently, it is that letting your weirdness out can be cathartic. Letting everything build up inside, and hiding who you are can only serve to make anxiety worse. So, I have made it my goal, to on occasion, use my little blog to get this stuff out.

Some of it is a matter of shared experience that most of us do, but just don’t talk about it. Other parts are more personal quirks. Either way, I encourage anyone who stumbles onto this page to share their quirks, oddities,and the great things that make them either unique, or to find out… you aren’t alone.

So, here is my list…

1. Sometimes I think when I am feeling gassy and I think it is going to be silent,  I let it out a little, and it’s not. So I frantically try to think of ways to recreate the sound in a very visible way to show the world I was making noises that sound like farting, but aren’t really. It never occurs to me that standing in the middle of a room making fart noises for no apparent reason may be an issue.

2. When I walk down the street I wear ear buds and pretend I can’t hear people trying to talk to me, but I am not really listening to anything. This is better than my other tactic of pretending to be on the phone*.

3. I avoid getting a haircut for months at a time because I don’t know how to make small talk with hair stylists while having an anxiety attack prompted by getting a haircut.

4. I like McDonalds Fillet O’ Fish sandwiches.

5. I cannot sleep with my feet uncovered and over the edge of my bed because something will attack me. I also sometimes get into bed via flying leap after turning off the lights to avoid my feet being in grabbing reach of anything that may be living under there. And the reason I sleep with the TV on is because it is a giant night light.

6. The end of The Muppet Movie makes me cry every time.

7. I have ordered pizza delivery just because my roommates were in the kitchen and I didn’t want to get stuck talking to them.

8. I have stuffed animals (two monkeys, a lemur and a duck) who live on my bed. They were all gifts, but I keep them there by choice.

9. I really don’t like most anime. I’m sorry geek community, I just don’t.

10. When I burp, I have a weird belief that I have to say “excuse me” within 10 seconds and at a minimum volume matching that of the burp or I will have bad luck because of a superstition that has no basis that I made up when I was 10 years old.

*Remember to make sure your phone is set to silent if you try this


3 thoughts on “Confessing 10 (no longer) private things I do on a regular basis…

  1. Yes to:
    #8 with my childhood blanket, a Murloc, and a fish (Raggedy Ann had to move because she was getting in the way) [now this sounds like an odd game of Clue]
    and partially #9

    In addition,
    I have a war on my nose hairs and will pluck them til my nostrils bleed because that is how much I hate them. I’m a girl! I shouldn’t have nose hairs that can be seen by the naked eye!

    I make my cats talk in weird voices and we have conversations and sometimes sing songs together. I do this in front of friends and family, as well. I am surprised I have friends or family left.

    I STILL use my time in front of mirrors to make strange faces. Seriously, I’m 40. I should have grown out of that by now. But I haven’t. I probably won’t.

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