Time For a Change

So it is time to revamp the blog. Over the next couple of weeks, my few loyal readers (and by loyal readers I mean the smattering of people who occcasionally click on a link I posted on Twitter only to be disappointed by the results) are going to see some changes around here.

When I first started this blog I didn’t really care much about what I posted, because nobody was going to read it anyway. But now, I am starting to see some consistant hits, and figure I may as well make your effort worth it. That means taking the blog a bit more seriously, and making your effort to come take a look worthwhile.

So, I will be creating posts with a bit more thought behind them and a little more substance, along with some regular features. There will of course continue to be the occasional emotional outburst of anxiety, and the random garbage I find on the internet for those with a short attention span. Hopefully in all of that mess, there will be a few nuggets of entertainment, shared experiences and learning about one another. There may also be drunken rants, because these are the sacrifices I make for your entertainment. You’re welcome.

There will also be a few other changes and additions along the way that I will announce as they happen. So thank you all for reading my nonsense online, and I hope to make it worth it to you to keep coming back. Now I need to get back to work before my boss realizes I am goofing off.


One thought on “Time For a Change

  1. Can we get free gifts if we sign up? I want a free gift! It’s like when you go to the bank and get a checking account, right? That’s what you’re saying?

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