Work Ethic

One of the more entertaining parts of my day job is getting to meet the new hires. As the trainer for my division, I get to meet every new hire. And sometimes I wonder how the hell they got the job… or feed themselves without grevious bodily harm. Here is a list if things my new hire class said yesterday…

“Sooooo, I guess this means my drug test went OK? Can I have a copy to show my girlfriend to prove getting high isn’t all I can do?”

“So how many times can I come in late before I get fired?”

“Seriously, I hate Mormons.” (This gem was not ten minutes after my speech on being respectful to the people around you because you don’t know their beliefs, sexual orientation, background, etc.)

“No thank you. I don’t need to take notes. I don’t plan on staying here that long.”

“Can I go to the restroom? I think my birth control fell out.”

I need to find a new job.


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