Adventure Day!

So this weekend my girlfriend and I decided to take an adventure and make a list of goals to accomplish for the day. It was nothing newsworthy, but it was fun. The list went like this…

Try A New Flavor
Dance in Public
Read Something Interesting
Listen to a new song
Order Each Other’s Drinks
See Something cute
Show Timmy The World

The list was pretty simple, but the last one on the list was the most fun. You see, Timmy is one of my stuffed monkeys. For the record, if you want your own, head over to and pick one up. So I decided on our adventure day I would take Timmy everywhere with me and take a picture. So here is my adventure day through the eyes of Timmy the Think Geek monkey.

Timmy is ready to roll!

Stepping out into the sun for the first time can be a scary thing, but Timmy went out onto the porch for his first outdoor adventure with the spirit of a true pioneer. Notice the tropical tree behind him for added atmosphere.


After a few breathing exercises and half a Dramamine stuffed in a banana Timmy was ready to venture out into the world. The rush of adrenaline. The wind blowing through his plush> Timmy was ready to take on the world… from the dashboard of an Oldsmobile.


All that adventure would make anyone hungry. Since it was an adventure day, it was time for Timmy to try something new, so we opted for seafood at Joe’s Crabshack.

This is me looking really fat and beady eyed. Let us never speak of it again.


So, after a few drinks and some seafood, it was time for intellectual stimulation. I tried to tell Timmy that there hasn’t been a new Dresden files book released since his last read, but he insisted on checking anyway. He then indulged in a bit more literary fun.






Timmy is kind of a geek.

Then, it was time to prepare for the evening with a bit of grocery shopping.

Mischief managed.

And then, for the cooking.


The chicken wasn’t the only thing with some assembly required. (I will put the chicken recipe I made in a later post)



So after a dinner that was hailed as a huge success, it was time for more fun. But that included a bar. Unfortunately Timmy is too young and innocent to be exposed to such things. For the record though, this is where the “New Flavor” was checked off the list thanks to Mango Habanero Tequila shots. Which were delicious by the way.

So Timmy is now a monkey of the world. Hopefully we can do it again soon. I am thinking the zoo.





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