Timmy Adventures 2: The Reckoning

So yesterday t was adventure time for Timmy once more, and I figured I would share it with all of… well… whoever that one person is that reads my blog.

The day began atone of my favorite places, The Pearl brewery. This spot is an old brewery here in town (about four blocks from my house) that has be re-purposed. Kitchen supplies, awesome restaurants  a little book store and one of my favorite all time bars reside in this place. But we were there for the Farmer’s Market, and some breakfast.

The cafe at The Culinary Institute (part of the Pearl) is an awesome spot. Unfortunately they were out of the breakfast sandwiches I wanted, and they didn’t have any lunch items ready yet (though it was a half hour past the time they are supposed to be serving lunch.)  Timmy said it was time to “Adapt and overcome” regardless of the setbacks. So we went with an iced vanilla coffee and a cherry almond tart.

I went to the farmer’s market just to look around and try the samples. But after trying this tapenade, Timmy wouldn’t shut up about it. So being the nice guy I am, I picked up a jar. Damn monkey.

Then it was off to the H-E-B Central Market, to kick of Hatch Chile Season! (That’s what is with the banner and canopies. Central Market is a grocery store of the gourmet variety. You know, lots of exotic foods, overseas imports and the word organic plastered on everything. But they do have some awesome things. Like incredible fresh baked bread, like the crusty french bread I got to go with the tapenade. But we were on a mission. Timmy has a goal to recreate the perfect Pimm’s Cup that we had previously tried at a bar. This meant we were going to need strawberries, cucumber and ginger beer. Timmy took meticulous notes watching them make the drink last time and was sure he could recreate it. He was a monkey on a mission.

What followed, there are no pictures for. You try steering a cart, controlling a wild stuffed monkey, navigating an insanely crowded store and taking pictures all at once.

Then it was time to head home.

Photo: Timmy looks at his plunders, and decides... it is good.

Timmy looks at his plunders, and decides… it is good. On the food end we had the bread to go with the tapenade, and to dip on olive oil seasoned with herbs, spices and kosher salt. There was also hummus and veggie sticks for a little variety. (This wound up being dinner.) Thn there was cucumber, strawberries, ginger beer, and the very necessary Pimm’s for the Pimm’s Cups.

While I sat eating away, Timmy was hard at work attempting an experiment in making strawberry simple syrup. At the bar, the bartender had started with a few slices of strawberries, which she muddles in simple syrup. Timmy, in his infinite monkey wisdom, decided to cut out the middle man, infusing the simple syrup with strawberry. So he started with a basic one to one simple syrup mixture. Once this was well on it’s way Timmy put on the white coat and goggles (the maniacal laughter scared people for miles, I told him the megaphone was overkill), he chopped the top off some strawberries and tossed them in along with a split vanilla bean for good measure.

The results were delicious. Gotta hand it to that monkey.

After all of that hard work, it was time for a break. A delicious, delicious break. So after that, it was back to making the perfect Pimm’s Cup. For those that don’t know, Pimm’s is a gin based liqueur that was created in England around 200 years ago or so. When people think liqueur, they often think sweet. But this has more of an herbal flavor to it with a touch of citris mixed in. A Pimm’s Cup is light, refreshing, and awesome in this heat. There are hundreds of ways to make a Pimm’s Cup, and this is Timmy’s take on it.

1 tblsp Strawberry Vanilla Simple Syrup

1/2 tblsp. Lemon Juice

3 oz. Ginger Beer (Ginger Ale can be substituted, but it doesn’t have the same bite)

3 oz. Pimm’s #1

2 Slices of cucumber (it adds a freshness, trust me on this)

Serve over ice and enjoy.

The rest of the day was spent enjoying our cocktails, and munching on deliciousness. Timmy, being a small stuffed monkey was out like a light almost immediately. It had been a long day after all. Looking forward to our next adventure. Whatever it may be.





2 thoughts on “Timmy Adventures 2: The Reckoning

  1. Had to share this with my 20 y/o son and apologize for squashing his monkey companion dreams when he was 13 years old. We love this post!

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