Adventure Time

As I am sure you have noticed, I haven’t said much lately. Life has been far too crazy, and of a far too personal nature to write about. I hope you can all forgive me. But today is a new day, and Timmy and I are headed out on a brand new adventure!

On this day, we shall climb into a giant pressurized metal tube, launch ourselves at hundreds of miles an hour, thousands of feet in the air, held aloft with nothing but air preassure and happy thoughts, in an attempt to reach rural Southwest Ohio.

My dislike of redneckery, handlebar mustaches, Guns and Roses tee shirts and cornfields aside (oftentimes all of these can be found in one spot), we are headed to visit my kids. We shall brave our worst nightmares (in this case that means staying with my ex wife and her child-husband) in order to spend time with the kids. I will be keeping you updated on our progress.


Timmy is in charge of keys, wallets, watches and boarding passes. The lighters are mine. He isn’t allowed to play with fire.


6 thoughts on “Adventure Time

  1. Due to the title of your post, I am singing (in my head) “Come along with me…and the butterflies and bees” even though that is not the main theme for “AdventureTime”
    I felt you should know.

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