Because traveling should be fun

My mom isn’t a movie fan. In fact, the last time I was in a movie theater with her was to see The Muppets Take Manhattan, and she cried when Kermit got hit by a car. Come to think of it, the traumatic experience may be why she doesn’t watch movies. But the other day we were at lunch and I received a text message, and I had rudely forgotten to turn down the volume. Mom responded with “Was that R2-D2?” I get so wrapped up in being a fanboy sometimes, that I forget the very scope with which Star Wars has been injected into our society. My mother, who doesn’t even watch movies, and is even less interested in anything sci-fi could name that sound without hesitation. It could also have something to do with my Star wars obsession as a kid (I try to act like it ended there).

Now, it seems the whole of geekdom is going crazy over this R2-D2 suitcase, and I can’t blame them. It is an awesome concept and I would love rolling such a universally recognized character around behind me through international airports. I can even almost overlook the inaccuracies in giving him two eyes (lenses) when he should only have one. It is even on sale. So if you have 76€ to blow, and do a lot of traveling (or need some place to safely store your action figures), this is a good way to go.

Thanks to Fashionably Geek for the heads up.


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