Mind Over Melon

So there are a lot of toys out there these days that let you move things with your brain. And I admit, they are cool. I would have fun with many of them for entire minutes before moving on to something else. But let’s be honest. For people of a certain age, the number two mind power just behind those of a Jedi (like telling a bartender/guy working the door “You don’t need to see my identification” when you are underage) would be the power to make people’s heads explode a la Scanners. Yes, I know, the power to move things with ones mind could have serious medical applications for the handicapped, but come on! The Force and Scanners are where this should really be going. And thanks to a hackerspace in Louisville Ky, we are one step closer to that goal.

If you don’t want to watch this Sith/Scanner in training struggling for too long, go ahead and jump to the 1:54 mark in the video. Good, let the hate flow through you, Gallagher.


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