So this stole my thunder. I was about to write a post about how irritated I get at people when I yawn and they say “Don’t do that! Its contagious.” And now this much better blog post comes along. And I agree with every word of it. For the record, people who jump out and try to scare people deserve also any involuntary punch in the face they receive from their victims.


I aboslutely hate when random people walk by you while you’re at work, and decide they need to yell “wake up” at you because you happen to be yawning.

Why is this necessary? Was I nodding off during some infinitely important conversation you were directing at my direction? No?

Well, then is it because I’m driving a truck full of grade-schoolers destined to cure cancer if they could only make it to age 12? No?

Am I late for something? No?

Was it because I was actually asleep? No?

 Ok then, let me clear the air here and tell you that perhaps you should Fuck off. This is for numerous reasons and a logical conclusion to a situation in which you disrupt my work and peace of mind, whereas your command to  “wake up” is not only unfounded, but exceedingly grating on my nerves.

Secondly, you’re not original. I happen…

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