UPDATE! Do NOT skip this post!

If you don’t know who Cain is, or about his arcade, you have missed out on some of the greatness of humanity. If you have, it is time to marvel at what it has become. I wont go too deeply into it because I desperately want you to watch the video. The story broke earlier this year and it has been an amazing journey for one little boy, his family, and a filmmaker with a heart. For the most part, the internet is a mash up of stupidity, silliness and WTF moments. My blog is a testament to all of that, because it can be fun, or at least entertaining. So when something amazing happens because of it, it is our job (as the internet community) to shout it from the rooftops. This is one of those times. So here it is, the story of Cain’s Arcade, and how a little boy can touch the world.

And the follow up is even more beautiful.

I am also placing an order for a “Cain’s Arcade Staff Shirt” right now, and so can you. Here is a full set of links for you.

Caine’s Arcade
t: http://twitter.com/cainesarcade
fb: http://www.facebook.com/cainesarcade


Imagination Foundation
t: http://twitter.com/imagination
fb: http://www.facebook.com/imaginationfoundation


2 thoughts on “UPDATE! Do NOT skip this post!

  1. That was so touching and amazing! Living in the LA area, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of Caine’s Arcade. Thank you so much for sharing. I can’t wait to click around all the links and learn more about this little boy and the foundation that was created because of him.

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