New Blog Feature: Free Online Movie Night

I spend a lot of time online. And by a lot, I mean pretty much any time that I’m not spending at work, I am online. This has been my life for years, and I am ok with that. One of the advantages to having no social life (outside of you good folks) is that you learn a few things along the way. One of those being how to never be without entertainment.

One of my favorite online pass-times is having a movie playing in the background, and there are a lot of ways to do this without paying a monthly subscription, or building up a late fee with Redbox for that DVD you put in your car so you wouldn’t forget to return it, that slid under the passenger seat a week ago. There are a lot of ways to watch movies for free online, and in my new featured article, I hope to bring you a number of gems, and hopefully make your day a little brighter and cheaper.

Tonight, we start with one of my favorite episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000. For those not in the know about this long canceled show, the premise is simple. A guy (Joel or Mike, depending on the season, everyone has their favorite) is trapped on a satellite in space, and forced to watch horrible movies while he and his robot pals make fun of them. Honestly, none of that matters, and is little more than a flimsy pretext to explain why there are people talking about the movie as it plays. The meat of the whole thing is the movie itself. MST3K was eventually canceled after a ten year run, and those involved eventually went on to other projects (most notably Rifftrax, and Cinematic Titanic where they basically do the same thing they did on MST3K in some new and fun ways.) Still, MST3K lives on via the internet, and much of what you see in this feature will involve my favorite episodes.

Speaking of, here is the first episode of the show I ever saw, which still makes me laugh out loud. So, without further ado, I give you Hercules. Watch, enjoy and come back for more.


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