Your happy smile video of the night

This made me smile.

It also made me think. I am a selfish person when I get down to it. I complain about my job (which many don’t have). I get angry about money, because I don’t think I have enough. I sit here in my warm house, on my functional computer, streaming constant on demand entertainment on a TV that I am not really watching while I complain online about all the things that irritate me. Then, I go to work, where every week, a new batch of students sees my birthday (during one portion showing them how to use one of their systems some of my personal information gets displayed) and I get irritated because they say “Awwwww, you are a Christmas baby” every time. So I go on about how there is nothing “aww” about it. How I only get gifts once a year, and Christmas cards that people write happy birthday in. And how people are far too busy with Christmas to celebrate my birthday.

I am kind of a selfish ass. So, this year I have a project. I am learning to knit, which I suck at but I love doing. This year, instead of sitting here whining and complaining about how I will spend my birthday and Christmas alone again, I have a plan. I am going to knit my ass off and see how many scarves I can make between now and then. And on my birthday, I will hop on a bus, and give one to everyone I see who does not look like they are bundled warmly enough.

I may only manage to make 5. I don’t know where the hell I will get the yarn. I don’t know how horrible and misshapen the scarves will be. But I will do this. I will do something productive, proactive and kind rather than sit on my ass and complain about how I am alone. It may make me feel better, it may not, but I will do something nice for someone this year.

To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Your happy smile video of the night

    • We are just awesome like that, and sometimes that means being cursed with a crappy birthday to offset it.

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