I still think the new suit is ugly

Some new pics have surfaced from the production of Iron Man 3, and my favorite Avenger is now the ugliest (a fact I was already aware of since Comic Con San Diego, but am still no less disappointed by). Not a fan of the new color scheme. And did they build a furrowed brow into the helmet? I guess we should just be grateful it isn’t Joel Schumacher nipples. 15 years later and those things still scare me.

Suiting up: Iron Man 3 is currently filming in Florida after wrapping up in North Carolina

He can also be seen in another picture hanging with what looks to be Iron Patriot. No source as of yet has been clear on what his involvement in the film will be. In the comics, Iron Patriot was Norman Osborn (you remember, Willem Dafoe’s character in Spider-Man). Yeah, long story. I am pretty sure Sony holds the rights to that character, so I wouldn’t put money on that being the case here. Right now the prevailing theory (and what I am leaning towards) is this is Tony Stark’s BFF, Rhodey Rhodes’ (War Machine) new look.

Malibu comes to Miami: Prop makers had constructed a replica of popular fish fry bar and biker hangout Neptune's Net

Check out the full story and more pics here at Daily Mail Online.  


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