Shit you didn’t know existed: Return of the Ghostbusters

The internet is obsessed with “What is new”. The category “That is old and outdated” has become quite literally about what was popular or worth looking a just a couple of days ago. This can be good in the sense that the interwebs are feeding us so much fresh and new material that we never have to go without.

But there is another side to it all. It also means if something doesn’t get wind in it’s sails fast, it can slip right by. Return of the Ghostbusters (a fan film about the Denver branch of the Ghostbusters)  is one such internet gem that seemed to have slipped by my entertainment radar. Personally, I have gotten sick of/stopped caring about if a new Ghostbusters film will ever come into being. I have heard too many things for too long and simply stopped giving a damn. There is a sequel written, but Bill Murray wont sign off on it. Bill Murray loves the script, it is happening. It is going to happen, but it is a remake, not a sequel. There is no script, Bill Murray is dead and the cartoon series was a figment of your imagination.

At this point, I could care less if it ever happens. I am just so tired of the stories/rumors, I have learned to skip over them on all the movie blogs. But this caught my eye. While wandering the back alleys and seedier neighborhoods of the internets I found a link to something called Return of the Ghostbusters. This home grown fan made film could go either way I told myself, but what the hell. So I gave it a watch, my curiosity not allowing me to let such a thing go unwatched.

I’m going to be honest, the acting is sub-par, the camera work is clear evidence of film students lurking about and the digital effects are more unintentionally funny than scary. All of that being said, I had fun watching this bit of internet cheese. The fun doesn’t come from the quality of the film. Much of it (like a montage that is basically a poorly done rehash did nothing more than make wish for the Casey Kasem voice-over from the original film) is nothing more than an attempt at recreating scenes and comedy that were already done so well in the first film, but should have been left to the pros. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a watch, if for nothing else than taking a few Rifftrax-esque pot shots at the silliness with friends.

So give it a shot. What do you have to lose? I mean, other than 85 minutes of your life you will never get back.


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