MST3K Tuesday: Manos: The Hands of Fate

So what do you get when an insurance/fertilizer salesman from Texas, with no film experience makes a horror film on a bet? A comedy classic that is almost beyond explanation or definition. Of the 197 episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000, there is one that is widely considered to be the greatest of all. Known as one of the worst films ever made, it is hard to believe that the filmmakers created it in all earnest.

With a budget of $19,000 Hal Warren set to work on this (now classic) campy rampage of bad acting, terrible dialogue and a plot line that is hardly worthy of the name. This film has become so well known as one of the worst films ever it has reached almost mythic proportions. With multiple stage adaptations and even a video game this movie has wormed its way into the public consciousness.

If you never watch another episode of MST3K, I insist, you at least watch this. And now, I give you, one of the best bad films you will ever see.


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