Sorry about the lapse in posts, life has gotten weird

So for the most part I mainly post silly internet geekiness here, and have not shared much on a personal level. But lately even that has dropped off. I haven’t been feeling well and just wanted to let my three readers know all is well. I just haven’t been feeling well lately, but am trying to get back on the blogging regiment.

Between work, being sick and the weird drooling guy on the bus that bit me last week (who the hell bites a person?! I need to get a car) I haven’t been able to keep up. But fever be damned, I will blog! On the upside, Halloween is coming up! Aside from Christmas, this is my favorite holiday. I’m not big on dressing up, but I am always amazed at the creativity of others. So I will be posting all the fun creative things I find online and am counting down to the big day. Happy Halloween, all!

Here are some amazing pumpkins for your viewing pleasure. Click the pic for more awesome!



2 thoughts on “Sorry about the lapse in posts, life has gotten weird

  1. Seriously someone bit you? Hope you’re you’re up on your tetanus shots! For real though, if you have a fever maybe consider a course of antibiotics. Dogs’ mouths are cleaner than peoples’ mouths and that’s only accounting for bacteria–you don’t even want to know about the parasites. Just a thought but I’m guessing the drooler’s primary concern wasn’t dental hygiene. Feel better soon!

    • Yeah, I’m up on all my shots.I don’t know what the hell his problem was, but I’m pretty sure the fever is unrelated. I was sniffling the day before he bit me, so it is probably just a cold or the flu or something. Thanks for the concern! 😀

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