Just another day in the life

While Halloween is lurking around the corner, people are starting to get their costumes ready. If I am not felling better by then, I will be spending my Halloween dressed as “FEVER-MAN!” Fighting the injustice of infection with a slightly elevated body temperature.

But there are those who put so much more creativity and work into their costumes, and they don’t just do it once a year. Cosplayers let their geek flag fly at conventions, special events and when celebrating days that end in the letter “y”. While the masses are scrounging around once a year at their local party supply store for the perfect “sexy nurse” costume, these folks are putting blood, sweat, tears and grease paint into some pretty damn creative stuff. The good folks over at geeksaresexy.net have been kind enough to gather together some examples that were being shown off at New York Comic Con 2012.

Lady Nintendo @ New York Comic Con 2012 (NYCC)

Click the pic for more great photos.



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