Still not getting any better

So just when I am ready to give in and go to the doctor, I am just too weak to get out of bed. Not having a car sucks on so many levels. I can’t drive myself to the doctor and am just too weak to do the bus thing.

I can’t keep food down (as if i have any sort of inclination to eat) and am starting to get worried. I haven’t been able to eat, I am stuck in bed, and I feel like hell. Now on top of that the headaches are becoming unbearable. I am sleeping constantly and I think the fever is causing all of the crazy dreams that wake me up every hour or so. Plus I think this bite on my arm has gotten infected. I can no longer make a fist with my left hand. Good thing i am right handed. I was going to put up a picture but honestly, you guys don’t need to see the icky grossness. Be glad you cant see or smell this folks. Ok, too much information. Moving on.

But there is an upside to all of this. It seems to be the best weight loss program I have ever found! Also all the time off has let me catch up on some blogging and movies. Is it bad that the only time I have felt hungry lately is when I watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom during the monkey brains scene. Actually that seems to be a theme. Netflix recently added Clue to instant streaming (I love that movie!) and they mentioned monkey brains there too. Mmmmmmmm… BRAAAAAAINS!

Maybe I am becoming a zombie! Just in time for Halloween  I could totally win a costume contest! Not much of a silver lining, but I will take what I can get. So, hoping this will pass soon, and sorry about any typos. Feeling to crappy to care at the moment.


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