Got some news today…

Been feeling bad. Been sick. Went to clinic. Saw doctor and doctor said can no help. Incurable.  Doctor say it bad. He say I zombie. Guess bite was bad. That explain brain want. Good news… zombie in time for Halloween!

World is different place now. Want brains. Can’t run fast. Still upsides. Stronger. Don’t need sleep. Brains low in saturated fat and losing weight… and body parts. Decided look on bright side. Life as zombie not so bad. Fire bad. FIRE BAD! Thank readers for support. Keep reading zombie blog for update on what it like to be zombie and usual internet silly. Now time for baking!


5 thoughts on “Got some news today…

  1. Can I just suggest for anyone wishing to avoid a zombie attack, you move to Norfolk. Zombies don’t tend to hang around long here on account of there not being much brainage and at dusk we all protect our land with flaming torches… Sure, we do have a little bit of brain, but I guess we are the light lunch of brains…Hey, I could market Norfolk as the new celeb diet for Zombies!! You could eat as many brains as you liked and still lose weight…Those cakes made me feel a bit sick by the way, but i’m funny like that…I once read a story about someone who was so badly injured in an accident, his brain resembled scrambled egg which was kind of unfortunate as I was actually eating scrambled egg covered in tomato ketchup at the time…urgh, brains, they unnerve me…I suppose it’s just fear of what I don’t have….

    • Norfolk not so bad. Like Chrysler Museum Art. Raaaaargh! Zombie like american neoclassical sculpture! Fire still bad.

  2. Is it catching? I’m pretty sure you can’t bite me from inside my computer. Or is it like a virus? Ok, now I’m nervous, computer viruses and I do NOT get along.

    WaaNt eAt bRaiiNs
    BugGeR. I aM sWitChiNg yOu ofF bEfoRe tHis GeTs WoRsEr.

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