Its not just the fans

There has been a lot of talk lately about Disney’s acquisition of Lucas Films and it’s properties. Most notable of them all being Star Wars. The franchise that arguably built the empire (no pun intended). And now the rumors are flying of what they will do with this cash cow.

The fans seem split. Some say it will bring Star Wars back to its former glory with Lucas (while still involved) not having full creative control. Others say “Well, they can’t make it any worse.” But is it only the hard core fans that think George Lucas sullied his own creation?

The other day my girlfriend was talking to her father. Knowing his daughter is a Star Wars geek (she has yet to forgive me for buying the original trilogy on bluesy, and refuses to watch it) he asked about something he saw on TV.

Dad: Did George Lucas ever make a Star Wars spoof?

Gf: There are a lot of spoofs. Why?

Dad: I was watching TV and saw Star Wars come on. But it wasn’t the ones I had seen. The acting was terrible, it was full of goofy characters, the robots were acting stupid, and I don’t know what it is.

Gf: (After she caught her breath from laughing) Nope. Those are the prequels.

So it isn’t just the fans tearing it apart, they are just not the same. So what are your thoughts on the future of Star Wars?

As a side note, David Tennant, best known as the 10th incarnation of The Doctor on Doctor Who, will voice a character (that the girlfriend has dubbed “The Olivander of the Star Wars universe) on the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars tonight.


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