Avengers Assemble… an awesome bit of movie magic

I am a huge fan of Marvel comics, and movie effects. So it is pretty easy to predict that The Avengers rides pretty high on my list. While not everyone is a fan of CGI (including myself when it is overused) there are times when it is effective in helping to drive the story. This CGI heavy scene is a great example of that.

While the huge battle with the aliens is mind blowing eye candy, the uncut scene showing all of the Avengers is a crucial moment where we see them come together as a cohesive team, and basically as The Avengers for the first time. The Marvel universe is a rich blend of characters, and it is important to realize that these heroes aren’t the only ones, but a specifically chosen group, brought together by S.H.I.E.L.D. and necessity to fight a threat. It is a beautiful mixture of not only how the team comes together, but how so many people behind the scenes also came together to make it happen. Here is how they did it.



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