Ah, the memories

Dressing like one of the all time great heroes, James Bond, can be a bit of an enigma. On one hand, there isn’t a guy on Earth that doesn’t feel like James Bond when he puts on a tux. Admit it gentlemen, you know when you put on a tux, you are required by Man-Law to do a pose in front of the mirror at least once. And even if you don’t say it out loud (which I always do), in your head you are saying “Bond. James Bond. And then you go out and nobody thinks you are dressed as the iconic spy, you are just a schmo in a tux that probably has to go to a wedding and is going to look silly driving his 1998 Honda Civic with the muffler held on by a coat hanger while wearing a tux. So, for the most part, Bond cosplay is not all that great an option. Unless you are this guy.

This is the greatest costume ever.

He took what is possibly the greatest first person shooter in history, one of the coolest characters of modern film that is almost impossible to make a costume of and combined them into what may be one of the best costumes of all time. I bow to you sir. Now excuse me, I have to go dig my Nintendo 64 out of the attic.

Thanks to Gamefreaks for the pic.


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