Making it indestructable

It is a constant running joke on the internet that Nokia phones are indestructible, but that may some day be more reality than joke. The phone company is one of the firms granted part of a $1.35 billion grant to research graphene, the worlds strongest material.

Besides being the hardest substance in the world — 300 times stronger than steel — graphene has all sorts of other noteworthy qualities. It is also the thinnest object ever obtained by man — measuring just one atom thick — and the lightest. It is made of a 2D crystal and looks a bit like scotch tape, only infinitely thinner. Graphene is also transparent, bendable, and a far better conductor than copper.

If Nokia is successful in its development of the material, it will be able to build cell phones that are extremely light, durable, and less susceptible to overheating.

But what is graphene? Well I’m glad you asked.

Read more over at CNET



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