Just another reason to love him

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of my favorite young actors working today. With seemingly no fear of doing small budget thought provoking films, and following up with huge blockbusters, it seems (and this is an assumption on my part) that he is more concerned with doing work he enjoys than he is with doing something just for the paycheck. Of course I am sure the money is nice too.

So it seems about six years ago (when he was less of a household name) he took it upon himself to turn the camera on the camera jockeys that feed on celebs like sharks in bloody water. The results were more than satisfying. At first these guys came off as the douchebags you would expect, but with patience, a calm head and a friendly attitude, at least one of them opened up, proving himself to be a little bit more human… but still a douchebag. Once again, thank you Joseph Gordon-Levitt for being pretty damn cool.

As a bonus, here is one of my all time favorite videos of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Have I mentioned the name Joseph Gordon-Levitt yet? Joseph Gordon-Levitt!


One thought on “Just another reason to love him

  1. Loved what he did in that first video and love Zoey Dechanel – didn’t care much for that music video, but liked the 500 Days of Summer movie okay – my daughter even bought it, she liked it so much. I would hate dealing with photogs all the time. I like that he confronted them in the first vid, but it was uncalled for and rude that they told him he was a bad actor! Sheesh. What’s wrong with humanity!?

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