WANT! – Overly Expensive Edition

So I am sure most of you have seen the water jet packs out there. They look like a fun novelty. A way to say “WEEEEE! Im’ using a jet pack!” but not really. They are cool and look like fun, but at the end of the day it is a toy simulating a much cooler toy in a very limited way. It is a jet pack that can go a short height and can only run when over the water. That is not a real jet pack. But what if you took this idea, and said “Screw jet packs, this technology deserves to make its own way in the world” and instead of pretending to be something it isn’t, you created something all it’s own.

That is what Franky Zapata and the folks at ZAPATA RACING did. Ladies and gentlemen, I present The FLYBOARD.


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