And why do we fall, Bruce? #WEareBATMAN

Anyone who says comic books are silly nonsense has obviously never read and understood them. And that is fine, not everyone has to be a fan. Sports are full of strength and silliness too, but I am not a fan. And that is ok too. Still, as a comic book fan, to me they mean so much more than pretty pictures and poly bags.

Comic books are modern mythology, and they do what mythology has always done. They take incredible tales of courage, betrayal, sacrifice, wisdom, mistakes and all the other things that make up humanity and magnify them. Those who read and cherish these stories will know what I mean.

Comic books taught me how to be a man, a father, and a good person. Spider-Man taught me that with great power comes great responsibility. Bruce Banner showed me that emotion can sometimes get the better of us, but we don’t have to let it consume and destroy us. The Flash proved to me time and again that even if you were the fastest man alive, you can’t be everywhere, but you never stop trying. The Green Lantern taught me about what will and perseverance can achieve. Superman taught me that no matter how physically powerful you are, compassion, sacrifice for others, strength of character and integrity are the keys to being a man I can face in the mirror. And Batman proved that you don’t need superpowers or to compromise your ideals to be a hero. And those are just the big names.

The folks over at have shown they know what I mean. Their not for profit documentary Legends of the Knight shows us that Batman (and by proxy, many other comic book heroes) inspire us, change us, teach us and through us can change the world. Take a look at the trailer, and check them out on kickstarter.

So if you are a fan of comics, or just humanity at it’s best, I suggest you jump on this one. I can’t wait to see this beautifully shot and inspirational film as soon as it comes out. Share it and spread the word!


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