Marvin Be Jammin’!

For fans of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie, this joke will make sense. The rest of you can just read about the shiny toy, and laugh at it in it’s own right.

DIGIFI Audionauts helmet by Mike Kim

Marvin, is that you?!

Check out this sound system/Marvin costume over at and marvel at it’s silliness.

As a part of the DIGIFI promotion for high quality audio, this Audionauts helmet very capably portrays DIFI’s high-fidelity audio symposium for future of spatial audio in home, vehicles and other events. The helmet consists of a power acoustic PT-700MHR 7-inch widescreen headrest monitor, two Dayton audio shielded silk dome tweeters and 4 Dayton audio shielded woofers. While the exterior components of this helmet comprises of 2 custom crossovers and one HLLY 90 T-amplifier.

Read more here. And thanks to for the Marvin image. The second one.



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