Hold on Whovians, no announcement yet

So rumors have been flying ever since the announcement that Matt Smith will be ending his run as The Doctor after the Christmas special this year. One major rumor of the past 24 hours has been that his replacement would be announced today. According to the Mirror (not to mention the fact no announcement has been made) this was untrue.

The BBC made a statement on Twitter quashing any hope for those of us wringing our hands in anticipation in fewer than 140 characters.

“We can confirm there is no #DoctorWho announcement planned for today.”

So it looks like we are going to have to continue to hold our outrage for a little bit longer. But never fear Whovians, I am sure we can soon start declaring our objections of “Who the hell does this asshole think he is?! This guy is no Doctor!!!” We always do. I remember when Matt Smith was announced I went on for weeks about how some floppy haired footballer wannabe was too young and could never pull it off and was (as usual) proven wrong. But even comic book legend/author/sometimes Doctor Who writer and all around awesome guy Neil Gaiman has weighed in with his thoughts, and I could not agree more.

I actually like it when The Doctor is a relatively unknown actor, or one without one huge role that made them famous. A star, like Sir Ian, brings all the other roles they’ve ever played to the table when they act. Seeing John Hurt as the (Spoiler) at the end of the Name of the Doctor, meant that this was a certain type of part with a certain amount of gravitas, and you understood that John Hurt was bringing everything with it (including being John Hurt), just as Derek Jacobi did as the Master.

But I like to see The Doctor as The Doctor, and an actor who doesn’t bring baggage is a grand sort of thing. A star waiting to happen. So I don’t want to see Helen Mirren or Sir Ian McKellen or Chiwetel Ejiofor, or any of the famous names people are suggesting.

I want to see The Doctor. I want to be taken by surprise. I want to squint at a photo of the person online and go “but how can that be The Doctor?”. Then I want to be amazingly, delightedly, completely proven wrong, and, six episodes in, I want to wonder how I could have been so blind. Because this is the Doctor. Of course it is.

So I for one am following his lead, and holding my breath. But I am sure I will still have a few choice words when the announcement is made, because being a Whovian, it is my duty.

Thanks to Mirror for the pic and the heads up.


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