Like A Geek God

Some great thoughts on what is going wrong… and right with modern action films and big action films.

Mayhem is problematic.  In recent years, it seems as if action filmmakers have lost the thread of what makes grand-prix melee both engaging and eye-widening.  The fight scenes in the Transformers movies are a dark, disorienting blur of flailing metal.  One can hardly tell what is actually happening, much less who is doing what, or even which giant robot is which.  The Avengers is smarter than your average superhero flick, but even it suffers from what I call “mayhem fatigue”; in the lengthy final confrontation of the film, the camera zips drunkenly from Avenger to Avenger, lingering barely a moment on the havoc each hero is wreaking before looping away, giving the action a seasick, attention-deficit quality that enervates the viewer instead of elating her.

For the full article, go take a look at The Drunken Odyssey



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