Rifftrax: Commercials aired during the Star Wars Holiday Special

I remember these commercials. Really, if you look at it all in context, George Lucas had nothing to be embarrassed about with the holiday special. At least no more than the people involved with almost any other media of the late seventies.




The Ultimate Geek Drink List

Anyone who has read this site, met me, gotten a good inhale as they casually passed me on the street will know I do enjoy the occasional adult beverage. My usual drinks of choice are most often a simple  Guinness or on special occasions, God’s personal gift to cocktails, the Vieux Carre. But I do enjoy something more whimsical at times, and the recent surge of geek themed cocktails is nothing if  not full of whimsy… and booze.

“But where do I find a solid list of a wide rage of these libations” I can hear you asking. Well the good folks over at Agent’s of Guard have done the leg work for you. With themed drinks ranging from super heroes to a galaxy far far away, this list is a good starting point. Please, don’t try to test them all in one night.