Bacterial poop saves the world!

Korean researchers have engineered a new strain of E. coli that can produce a suitable substitute for gasoline. And as they quite rightly point out, bacteria that poops out petroleum could be some valuable shit.

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Dammit Japan! Again. *sigh*

Hello Kitty Beer is a real product and it’s brewed by Taiwan’s Long Chuan Beer Company. It’s fruity, contains very low in alcohol (2.5% ABV), and sports Hello Kitty branding on the cans. RocketNews24 reports that it comes in four fruit flavors — passion fruit, lemon, banana, or peach — and is only available in Taiwan. Their reporter tried all four flavors and shared feedback on their site, saying, ““These would probably be a good choice for someone who’s actually not that into beer.”

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I know I don’t usually write much on this blog, and it is usually just for silly online nonsense, but tonight I am feeling verbose, so I decided to talk. To understand why, first you have to understand a little about me.

I know you may care nothing about me, but to understand this post, you must first understand one thing. I am a high functioning autistic, no, that is not what this post is about. But part of my autism is my severe anxiety issues. I try to avoid the news when it involves really bad things. Murder, children being hurt, genocide, etc. It all sends me into an anxiety attack. So when it comes to movies or TV shows I have to avoid crime dramas, or anything with realistic violence. As of late I have had to stick to comedy because even non violent drama will kick off severe depression.


That being said, I recently came across the saddest and happiest show I have found in a long time. Netflix, as you may know has started making their own shows, but even with Arrested Development, I have had to avoid most because the sadness will mess with me. But recently I saw they made a new show called “Derek”. This Ricky Gervais creation can be viewed a few ways. The best way to describe it is The Office, at a nursing home. It follows a similar premis. For some unspoken reason a camera crew is observing a group of people, and centers around a man named Derek. This possibly autistic man is surrounded by the elderly at the end of their lives, and coworkers who are stuck in dead end lives. This is the sad part. But he always sees the best in all of it.


So far I have watched half the series. Each episode has a heart wrenching, depressing premise. I’m not doing a good job of selling this yet, am I. But the good part is to come. No matter how depressing and upsetting the show may be, at the end, Derek shows us a happy ending, and why all those hard parts of life are not only good, but make us better people. From what I know of him, Gervais is kind of an asshole, but it is from his mind we find this inspiring and heartwarming series. So I have to wonder, can I really see him in this two dimensional celeb spotlight I have observed, or is he maybe a complex living and breathing human being as the rest of us? I have to admit, I have not seen a single episode of this show without shedding a tear, but at the same time, I have had just as many, if not more smiles because of it. So give it a shot, and please, leave a comment and let me know what you think.


Because if someone with my emotional problems can enjoy it and feel like a better person, maybe there is hope for the entertainment world after all. The key here is the show doesn’t focus on what is wrong with Derek, there is no diagnosis and “let’s feel sorry for him.”. In fact, just the opposite. It makes us realse not what is wrong with him, but what is wrong with the rest of us. And that is a lesson I hope the world can take away from a simple comedy internet show.

Give yourself to the dark roast side

I think I’m in love.



A normal coffee maker won’t cut it for dinner parties or any time you need a lot of coffee really fast. At this point, you have two options: you could buy an industrial coffee maker, or you could buy an industrial coffee maker and make it look like R2D2. Guess which option we think is cooler?

The R2D2 coffee pot was designed for large dinner parties where waiting five minutes for a pot of coffee to brew is just an inefficient use of time. Instead of a Mr. Coffee, [iminthebathroom] used an industrial BUNN coffee maker as R2’s body. This coffee maker has two water reservoirs, one that pours into the coffee filter and another that keeps a pot of coffee’s worth of water piping hot.

As for the cosmetic modifications to the coffee maker, [iminthebathroom] found a wonderful dome for R2’s head in a junk yard. It was…

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EPIC CEREAL: Why a four year old is better than you


Check out this four year old who made the most epic cereal ever!

Remember in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when they’d be fighting a bad guy with their robots and start losing, and then be all, “Screw this, let’s just put all of our robots together into one super-robot that will totally dominate”, and then (duh) they’d totally dominate? Yeah, well, we decided to do that with cereal, taking the best part of every single awesome cereal and putting it all into one amazing bowl. And to help, we enlisted the foremost authority on sugary cereal: a 4yr-old.

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